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Clare Smith

Owner, Church House Day Nursery Ltd
Having already used a Biometric System prior, MX Digital were able to replace my old system, installing a new more efficient setup. The security and safety the system offers, combined with ease of access and ease of enrolling new users really has helped. I would certainly recommend this product to other settings. This product is high quality, efficient, safe & secure. A special mention also to the sales and installation teams who were great to work with throughout the process. Thanks MXD

Hannin Mosley

Manager, Little Rascals Childcare Ltd
A big positive from having the fingerprint system is that we are now paperless meaning it is so much easier and more efficient. After one to one support been given over the phone on several occasions and the support team making adjustments to the clocking system tailoring it to my nursery and staff lunches this has meant it takes half the time totalling the weekly hours up at the end of the week for payroll

Sheila Thompson

Owner, Kingsley Childcare
With our existing system we struggled to gain good recognition of parents & staff fingerprints. MX Digital were able to replace their competitors system and provide us with an improved solution allowing us to focus on other areas of our business. The system has been a big hit with the parents and is proving to be a real step up in quality