How can the use of biometrics in the Nursery help to safeguard children?

Security within the childcare setting has become a major concern for today’s parents. The opportunity to learn should never be compromised by issues of safety and security. But how can you prevent unauthorised access to your nursery?

We’ve broken it down to show you how our clever solutions can make your setting safer, more secure and give you complete control of your business.

Problem Solved…


Biometrics is a method of establishing a person’s identity based on the physical attributes of that person and is fast becoming the most secure solution for access control in Nurseries. By removing the need for cards, fobs, key codes & passwords you can take complete control of who is in your building.

Access control in the Nursery:

  • Restrict unauthorised access
  • User access on advanced biometric technology
  • Centralised monitoring and control
  • SMS and E-mail notifications


All educational settings – even the absolute best – can improve. Ofsted’s “Early Years: Safe and Sound” (2006) report states that outstanding providers investigate any accidents, rehearse safety procedures and have ‘very effective measures in place to ensure the premises are secure and that children are collected only by authorised adults’. These include “a new biometric system on entrances and exits ensures that only parents and staff whose fingerprints are registered on the system can gain access to the nursery… Parents registered with the nursery can enter and leave while staff continue to concentrate on caring for the children.”

Lock Down

Birmingham City Council recognise that when it comes to safety procedures, all schools should consider the need for robust and tested school lock-down procedures. Procedures should aim to minimise disruption to the learning environment while ensuring the safety of all pupils, staff and visitors. With centralised access control, an administrator can control alarms, lock or unlock doors, enable or disable door sense and other access control features from a single interface, in a matter of seconds.


With the help of finger scanning or palm vein systems, staff can keep track of all visitors to the Nursery. By removing the need for keys, fobs, swipe cards and keypad combinations we can now take complete control of who has access to the building, the times at which they have access and an accurate record of the entry and exit times. There is also the opportunity to install video surveillance, allowing you to place cameras in open areas in the Nursery so that children can be monitored at any time, or at the main entrance to get a clear picture of everyone entering and exiting the Nursery.

Why visitor management?

  • Save time for visitors using Fast Registration
  • Create a professional image for your Nursery
  • Enhance security
  • Generate digital records for visitors

Employee Management

We offer a comprehensive web-based employee portal where users can monitor and manage their Time-Attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can access the information easily and perform related tasks intuitively, driving efficiency.

Data Protection

All the information placed into the system is protected within the software. All credentials are completely removed from the system once the child has left the nursery.

Data protection by design and principle: The end to end encryption used in all our systems allow you to be secure in the knowledge that all biometric data that our systems generate is secure.

Our Company

MX Digital have worked with a variety of local nurseries to install biometric systems to maximise security of people gaining access to the childcare setting. We use proven fingerprint bio-metric and RF card based technology to provide a comprehensive Time-Attendance and Access Control Solution. System features such as anti-passback, timed access control & dual authentication are just some of the special features of our smart scale-able system.

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