At MX Digital we are passionate about security. We believe in taking a proactive approach to keeping data secure. We provide data center security at all 4 levels, providing audit trail and credential management helping you achieve compliance;

  1. Perimeter Security
  2. Building Security
  3. Server Room Security
  4. Rack Level Security

So why do you need data center security? 

Aside from the massive business disruption, costly downtime and reputation loss. Research suggests that the majority of data center attacks are carried out by malicious insiders and that almost 70% of data center outages are directly attributable to human error.

How can we help? 

Working with the customer we have the capability to help business’ of all sizes. Whether it be a single rack in a office or a full 4 level Data Center working across multiple locations we have the solutions to match. With the ability to provide Facial, Palm Vein, Fingerprint, QR & Bluetooth authentication and clever features to suit, we really do have you covered.

Data Rack 2

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