Centralised Monitoring and Control

Monitor the status of up to 65,000 door controllers, alarm input and output ports and generated events. An administrator can control alarms, lock or unlock a door, enable or disable door sense and other access control features from a single interface.

Multiple Credentials: Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Card, PIN

Door controllers are the front-end terminals people access during entry and exit. Door Controllers read biometric credentials (fingerprint and palm vein) or RF cards to log each entry/exit and control the door lock. Door controllers are connected with the COSEC server or site controller. They store all user access information and send entry-exit detail to COSEC server in real time.

Up to 1 Million Users, 65,000 Door Controllers, 1000 locations

The system scalability allows the solution to be expanded from 1 user, 1 door, 1 location to 1 million users, 65,000 doors and 1000 locations. The system can scale if and when your business needs to grow.

Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, PoE

Featuring Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity, COSEC door controllers offer extra flexibility in designing a security solution while reducing installation and maintenance costs. Compared to conventional access control systems, wireless and IP based connectivity provides lower cost per door using existing network infrastructure and improves reliability and performance.

Employee Self-Service Portal on Web and Mobile

Matrix COSEC CENTRA ESS is a comprehensive web-based employee portal where COSEC users can monitor and manage their Time-Attendance and leave options. Employees and managers can access the information easily and perform related tasks intuitively, driving efficiency.

SMS and Email Notifications

COSEC monitors 32 types of events and sends notifications to users and managers using SMS and email gateways. Events include user events, leave application, approval/rejection, monthly attendance, missing in/out punch, database backup, door offline and many others.

160+ Customized Reports

COSEC offers 160+ reports and colorful charts. Users can filter and sort data to generate specific reports. Reports can be exported to Excel, Word, XML, RPT, PDF and CSV for further analysis, action and record keeping.

Integration with ERP, Payroll, HRM using API, Database to Database and Export

Matrix COSEC devices come ready with Device, Platform and Function level APIs. Device APIs (DAPI) allow 3rd party applications to communicate directly with COSEC devices. Platform APIs (PAPI) offer application-ready interfaces for simple and quick programming to build applications. Function APIs (FAPI) offer application to application integrations, enabling integration with applications like payroll, ERP, HRMS and CRM.

Integration with Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance and others

Matrix COSEC is an open system allowing integration with third party hardware. Using auxiliary input and output ports in COSEC devices, fire alarm system, video surveillance system, motion sensors and relay devices can be connected without any need for external hardware modules.