Video surveillance is a high priority for all organisations to protect their physical and intellectual assets. Most mid-size and large organisations operate across multiple plants, buildings and locations. Now, it is not practical to supervise all these locations separately due to manpower and other associated costs. Therefore, it is critical to aggregate video streams from all these scattered locations to a central platform for recording, monitoring, backup, playback and management.

Presenting Matrix SATATYA CORE – a flexible and feature-rich centralised video management solution specifically designed for multi-location organisations. SATATYA CORE aggregates different video recording devices such as NVR, HVR or DVR deployed across multiple floors, buildings, sites, cities or countries. It offers centralised live video monitoring and recording of all cameras connected to any device, anywhere. The user can search any specific video stream based on location, date-time or events and playback instantly. In addition, it collects events from all the locations and promptly displays and alerts users, helping them in preventing irregularities instead of reacting after it is too late. Furthermore, users can configure and monitor all the recording devices from the central location, eliminating breakdowns and delays to enhance effectiveness of overall video surveillance and reduce operational cost substantially.

On the move? We have it covered. Introducing SATATYA SIGHT – A comprehensive video surveillance application for mobile devices. It is designed for smart phones and tablets running popular operating systems such as Android and iOS. SATATYA SIGHT can connect up to 50 devices in any combinations of NVR, HVR and DVR without needing a static IP address. SATATYA SIGHT offers all possible connectivity options including IP address, DDNS, Matrix DNS, MAC Address and Host Name. User can select any device from the list of these devices for live view, playback, notifications, etc.

We provide a full design and installation service with all equipment and would be happy to discuss your requirements. Given the flexibility in the solutions we provide we can work within a specific budget or towards a specific goal, you decide!