Designed to meet the need for diverse access control and Time/Attendance policies we are pleased to launch COSEC VYOM. Our cost effective cloud software reduces the need for initial investment allowing ‘pay as you go’ based on user licenses and modules required. With no software installation required, no maintenance costs and 24/7 support available COSEC VYOM is changing the way business’ approach security & efficiency.


Not everything has to be in the cloud! Some business’ prefer to run all software from on site servers and for that we give you CENTRA. The CENTRA platform is the foundation for Matrix applications like Time-Attendance, Access-Control, Visitor Management, Roster Management, Cafeteria Management and many others. For 3rd party application developers, the PLATFORM provides API functions to develop applications associated with time-attendance, access-control, visitor management and more. Similar to COSEC VYOM the CENTRA platform is easily scaleable in line with your business needs and can be linked to over 65,000 devices.


Initially used as a feature support for our COSEC CENTRA the PANEL has developed into a key component for our smaller customers. A slimline version of the above software which many of the key access control features such as Anti Passback, Timed-Access restriction and Lockdown to name a few. We have over 50 customers using COSEC PANEL to manage their business, putting them in complete control.